Clairvoyant / Psychic Readings

Guidance from SPIRIT towards a healthier happier you and your relationships.

  • Personal Life Reading
  • Soul Connection Conversation
  • Are your deceased loved ones in the light?
  • Spirit Life Coaching
  • Couple Reading

Enlightenment Healing

This MASTER HEALING technique is performed by no other. All these sessions ultimately align you towards your natural ENLIGHTENMENT which is the ONENESS we all try to connect to.

  • Enlightenment Healing
  • Meditative Englightenment Healing
  • Group Medidativate Englightment Healing
  • Stillness Healing
  • Release stuck energies


Corporate Sessions

In the corporate world many think everything is black and white. They tend to live from this in their work environment as well as in their personal lives. I am here to bring colour into your being.




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