Spiritual Intelligence (SI)

Gifted beyond human understanding
With my ability to communicate with ALL SPIRIT INTELLIGENCE 

  • Spirit of the light
  • Aliens
  • Entities
  • Souls on earth
  • Souls that have crossed over
  • Beings who want to come to earth
  • Beings from other realms
  • People in comas
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Earth
  • Aborted beings
  • Miscarried beings
  • Communicating with your mind or body or spirit being to see what it needs

I’m always in awe with my communication with SI

My healing session with Tamara could be described as an immediate shift within my core.


Your level of understanding blew me away, you truly are divinely guided.

Bradley Stuart

Her healing sessions have helped clear the negativity in my life – both in business and personal.


Tamara knows things that nobody else can. Not only did she help me find peace she also helped with how to move forward in life.


Her ability to pick up these things and heal surpasses any medical know how and technology. She is blessed with a gift that’s used to bless and heal others


Through my sessions, I have been able to see the link between physical and mental health. I have learnt various techniques to improve my mental health, which has contributed to me becoming a more balanced individual


The most life changing experience I have ever encountered





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