My healing session with Tamara could be described as an immediate shift within my core.

Her enlightened guidance and mentorship has moved me towards my divine direction and I have now found a deeper understanding within myself.

Connecting between our source of light, our individual journeys, and the mere simplicity and beauty we all hold…

Tamara’s reading and healing sessions have now guided me around enhancing my light, and amplifying the best version of myself.


Thank you Tamara!! Your help you have given me has made my journey so much easier. I feel lighter, stronger and more energised to move forward and get to living my best life. Your level of understanding blew me away, you truly are divinely guided.

Bradley Stuart

I have been consulting with Tamara over the last 12 years. Tamara’s reading sessions have helped with my many challenges and life changing decisions over the years. Her healing sessions have helped clear the negativity in my life – both in business and personal. Sessions with Tamara are like talking to your best friend, nothing you say phases her. The Universe always channels the answers back through her. I recommend a session with Tamara anytime especially if you are in a bad space and are feeling lost or if you just need some guidance.


I’ve known Tamara for about 13 years now. From the moment I met her I liked her immediately. She’s the most humble, beautiful, caring, loving human. And the only person I know who genuinely does the crossing over. Over the years I have lost too many loved ones and yesterday I met with Tamara and got the closure i needed.
Tamara knows things that nobody else can. Not only did she help me find peace she also helped with how to move forward in life. I can’t thank you enough Tamara. Love you, love you, love you too much 


While visiting Tam for treatments she would pick up on issues and tell me how to address them. One being most times I got to her, I would be out of breath. She gave me explanations and also picked up that there were a lot of nodes in my chest area. The breathing issue was picked up by my Dr as well and I was sent for a CT scan which picked up nodes covering my lungs and chest area, this is exactly what Tam had said to me without the CT scan, I should not have been surprised but I was gobsmacked. Her ability to pick up these things and heal surpasses any medical know how and technology. She is blessed with a gift that’s used to bless and heal others 


During our journey in life, we often face various trials and challenges with our mental health. It is during these periods that we require the guidance of an individual like Tamara. I am incredibly grateful to the Divine that my path has crossed with an amazing soul like Tamara. Through my sessions, I have been able to see the link between physical and mental health. I have learnt various techniques to improve my mental health, which has contributed to me becoming a more balanced individual. Moreover, I have also discovered the importance of connecting to myself and the value of yoga and meditation. I strongly recommend Tamara to anyone who seeks to improve their overall health and well-being. Love and light 


The most life changing experience I have ever encountered. From the first session I started to feel lighter, like everything heavy has been uprooted… By the second session I start seeing areas of my life open doors – business opportunity which I had been trying to get off the ground. I am now on my 3rd session and I can only say I am looking forward to seeing the next obstacle lifted. Tamara you are an angel may God continue to bless your healing hands 





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